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This story begins in 1816 in Scotland, a country ruled by wealth and class during the Industrial Revolution. When many tenant farmers like the Doddses lose their jobs to machines, they begin looking to America for work, land, and freedom. Join these brave pioneers on their epic journey from Scotland through Canada to America where they battle storms, disease, starvation, robbers, and unrequited love. Jenny Dodds must choose between her family and her love for John Scott. Her decision will lead her to many unexpected events which will affect several characters in the book. Spanning over two decades of history, this moving story delves into the history of the Scottish Border people, the settlements along the St. Lawrence River, and the early settlers of several Adirondack outposts including Chestertown, Newcomb, and Long Lake, New York. 
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Long Lake
The rich traditions of the Long Lake settlers continue throughout this book as they battle fire, wind, treachery, disease, and local politics. This book follows the history through the heyday of the large hotels, stagecoaches, steamships, automobiles, and snowmobiles. The saga reveals how major international, national, and local events continued to impact these families nestled snug in the hamlet of Long Lake in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

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Conquering The Wild by Gail Huntley
Conquering the Wild opens a chapter into the life and times of the first settlers of Long Lake, NY. 

Joel Plumley arrives first. In his mind, he is the sole owner of this territory. His desire to dominate creates several disasters in this struggling community. Personalities clash as these rugged men try to band together to form a town.

In a land where danger lurks over the next knoll, we see how Lydia Stanton, Betsey Sargent, and Christine Keller take the reins. They struggle to become resilient resourceful women in an unforgiving wilderness. Some win, and some lose as they struggle to protect their children from the howling winter winds, lurking panthers, and deep icy waters.

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Blunt Force Winds by Gail Huntley

As a young girl, Gail Huntley begins her life with the wide ideals and stubborn mindset that she can sail through life unscathed. One day her father tells her they are moving off the farm she has come to love. That move lands her in an environment of cruelty and danger, which forces her to seek refuge in the woods. She becomes a chameleon, escape artist, and manipulator in order to survive until she meets a man who becomes her protector, or does he? Gail finds herself with dangerous men in dangerous places facing death several times. This is the story of her journey across states from Virginia to California, head first into Hell, surviving by her wits and "The Voice."

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