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About Gail Huntley

Gail Huntley is an author, English teacher, assistant professor, playwright, and director known for writing and directing historical plays for Hamilton County, Long Lake, New York, and several organizations in Virginia. She has written and published several books, newspaper articles, plays, and poetry. Gail has camped and hiked throughout the Adirondacks, California, and the Scottish highlands. She is an adventurer who has walked on fire, climbed boulders, and raised two boys. Gail is retired and splits her time between her cabin in the Adirondacks and her place near her sons and grandchildren in Virgina. 

Author at Buttermilk Falls in Long Lake, New York
Below: Cast of Traces of Thyme
Hiking in the Grand Canyone

Cast of Mystery of the Buttercup

Below: Scotland Trip with sister